Get to know us and what we stand for

The Generosity Collective is a Registered Charity. We are dedicated to providing essential clothing and items to those facing hardship while focusing on supporting a circular economy.



Our Co-Founders Nat and Elise are residents of Blackburn in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. In the peak of the Melbourne lock-down in 2020, at a socially distanced park rendezvous, they chatted about the uncertainty of COVID-19 and felt an overwhelming responsibility to help those currently facing hardship. These heartfelt concerns, their experience in bringing their local community together to support worthy causes coupled with their drive to do something about it, was how The Generosity Collective was conceived.


We are an independent, focused, specialised service. We are nimble and able to adapt and direct our ‘giving community’ to accommodate our agency’s needs and gaps in their current services. You can trust your generosity will reach the recipients quickly and with the respect and dignity they deserve.


Agencies and support workers who work with families facing a variety of challenges and hardship. We have developed a strong relationship with these agencies, we respond to requests for assistance for their clients in a timely manner.


We have developed a strong volunteer network to assist us in the receiving, sorting and the delivering of donations. We maintain an up to date register of all volunteers, and provide them with on board training. We will ensure all volunteers work within a safe and respectful space.


We want to ensure good quality clothing is reused by people in need rather than sent to landfill. Donations we receive that are not of high quality will be offered to other local not for profit charities. All remaining items we will endeavour to distribute to local animal welfare agencies such as the RSPCA and animal hospitals.

Our governing document can be found Here