Workplace giving

What is it?

As an employer you can set up a workplace giving program and ask your employees if they want to participate. Both you and the employee must agree to participate.

Workplace giving is an optional way for employees to regularly donate to charities or organisations that are entitled to receive tax deductible donations.

As donations are made pre-tax, you can reap the benefit immediately as it reduces taxable income, rather than having to wait and claim at the end of the financial year.

Workplace giving is usually managed by your organisation’s payroll department who deduct the nominated amount from your gross salary. The Generosity Collective is a Registered Charity and has a deductible gift recipient status. Therefore, all donations of $2 or more will be tax deductible.

Visit the ATO website for further details or get in contact with us and we will walk you through the set up.


We recommend engaging a professional solicitor to ensure all guide lines are strictly adhered to.

In your will you can leave The Generosity Collective the following




The gift can be for a specified amount, or a percentage of the value of your estate.

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