We want you to feel like you are part of a community of ‘Givers.’ We don’t want to bombard you for assistance. You can trust your donations are reaching those most vulnerable via an organisation that is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. Importantly, by signing up we can thank you for that generosity.

Questions we get asked often.

Is it ok to only donate clothes?

ABSOLUTELY and never say only!

What is in our Generosity Crisis Care Packs?


This is an immediate pack that is lovingly put together by our volunteers and contains basic clothes that are suitable for the first 48hrs after entering crisis accommodation.

It includes:

2x Pairs of Pants (Jeans and Tracksuit)

2x Tops

1x Jumper

1x Jacket/Hoodie

2x New Underwear

2x New Pairs of Socks

1x New Pair of PJs

1x Toothpaste

1x Toothbrush

1x Deodorant (no glass or aerosol please)

What is in our Generosity Reset Packs?


This is given to individuals who have moved from transitional accommodation into Short Term Accommodation or into Foster Care.

It includes:

1x Personal Request per Pack ( Theme, Favourite Colour, Character, Sporting Item)

4x Pairs of Pants (Jean, Tracksuit Shorts)

4x Tops

2x Jumper

2x Jacket/Hoodie

2x New Pair of PJ’s

7x New Underwear

7x New Pairs of Socks

1x Basic Toiletry Pack (no glass or aerosol please)

What is in our Generosity Restock Packs?


This is given to agency’s supporting inpatient programs and quantities and items change depending on their patient’s needs. They are Adult sizing and need to be comfortable.

This includes: 


Short Sleeve T-shirts

Long Sleeve t-shirts


New PJ’s

New Underwear

New Socks

Basic Toiletries (no glass or aerosol please)

Can I ignore your alert email if I do not have clothes to donate at that time?

You don’t need to respond to every alert – we will not be offended.

Can I only participate in Annual Charity Drives for Christmas, Food or Social Events?

SURE THING! We will put the call out during the year via social media, email and maybe the odd Text Message (how techy and fancy of us).

You can select this when Joining Our Community.

Why we ask for new socks, underwear and PJs?

Our agencies and support workers have requested these items are new. We feel a nice new pair of PJ’s for every individual is small way they can feel special in a very practical way.

We hope you may consider adding new socks, underwear and a pair of PJ’s to your donated items in the future but it is certainly not an expectation. We will work with schools, preschools, sporting clubs and workplaces to do charity drives throughout the year to keep these items in stock in the warehouse.

Why donate a gift card?

We would gratefully accept these and shop on your behalf.  We suggest Kmart, Big W, Best & Less and Target as we can get more ‘bang for your buck.’ We would also use them to accompany packs when we have larger families and unable to supply a full array of items or when the parent or guardian’s pack needs some extra TLC.

Could my friend, family member or neighbour give items to me to donate on their behalf?

You are both amazing BUT at least one of you needs to Join Our Community.

Could I give an annual or monthly donation and not Join the community?


Donate HERE

Could I run a Charity Drive at my kinder, pre-school, school or work on your behalf?

Thank you for asking and while I have your attention YES PLEASE – you are just our type of Community Members. We need you!

Fundraise with us HERE

Should I donate things I would not give to my best mate?

NUP it is our only rule really, otherwise we are very grateful.

Organise a pick-up or delivery HERE

Should I tell all my mates about The Generosity Collective and get them to sign up?

YES YES YES! Join our collective HERE

So what are you waiting for?